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When you get married, the wedding cake inevitably takes center stage. Amongst the many images of your wedding, the cake is one of those destined to remain forever. Making a memorable cake is the goal of every cake designer. A work of art that symbolizes one of the most significant days of our lives. Sugarcups puts its creativity and experience at the service of the couple to create a unique and unforgettable moment...
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The art of creating wedding cakes combines pastry, architecture and sculpture in one delightfully “temporary”work of art. Giddy multi-storey structures, bursts of colors and shapes that defy gravity. Sugarcups cakes are like a mandala, or a sand castle: born to mesmerize you on that special day, your wedding.
Cakes full of beauty and flavor, destined to shine forever in the sweetest part of your memories.

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I was once a successful opera singer, then everything changed... Though one concept remained the same: creating cakes and singing are two ways to put myself at the service of others... To come to terms with my creativity. The fundamental difference is that when you sing in front of an audience, you are the center of attention, when you make a cake for a wedding, you step aside. You are not the star: the protagonists are the couples... and the spotlight is on them, your role is to be part of someone else's happiness to create a beautiful memory that will accompany them forever

The things I discovered

... How to make the various tiers fit together, each layer flowing into the next... How the decorations are sculpted, which can be made of flowers, silhouettes, butterflies, depending on the request of the spouses. How to make an original, non-trivial, unique work of art... How to paint on cakes with cream, or make sugar flowers. How to decorate a naked cake with flowers and fresh fruit... But the most important lesson I have learned is how to listen to the couples: the cake is a moment that belongs to them. It must resemble their soul.

Tasting... the music

Anyone who thinks that making music has only to do with the notes is really mistaken. The colors, the flavors and the decorations have a sound. I feel it... It must be because of my past as an opera singer and pianist. Every time I work on a cake, I seem to follow a melody, a harmony, something that shows me how to compose that work in the best way.

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