Wedding Cakes

There is always a good reason to make a cake to remember. Do you have an original idea? Do you want an unforgettable dessert? I makes classic cakes for weddings, cakes for children, birthdays, special events, cupcakes, biscuits, macarons and favors. A vast repertoire, an immense score to play... Because a cake is like a symphony, it must unite our senses in an experience never to be forgotten.

Sugar symphonies

For a Cake Designer, sugar paste is like the canvas for the painter or clay for the sculptor. Flowers, fruits, leaves, figurative elements: the only limit is your imagination, at the service of the wishes of the spouses... never forgetting that a cake, first of all, must be exquisite!

Naked, Semi Naked and Drip Cakes

Created for those looking for an original alternative to the usual wedding cake, nude, semi-nude cakes and Drip Cakes are the latest fashion in wedding cakes. Delicious, appetizing and fun, they make simplicity their best weapon. To make them unique, the decorations made with flowers and fresh fruit, the artistic drips and the great variety of syrups, preserves, curds and ganaches to add flavor and a unique and exclusive personality.

Macaron Towers and Croquembouche

I have a weakness for these chic, very elegant cakes. Authentic cathedrals of taste, refined and tasty, they will allow you to play with colors and shapes by adding levels on levels, for a dizzying and exquisite result.

Buttercream Cakes

Buttercream cakes are precious and elegant like paintings and just like them they have subjects: flowers, landscapes or abstract decorations made with a soft and delicate cream... soft as butter, precisely!