About me

My name is Marisa Vitali, and my story begins in Cape Town, daughter of a South African mother and an Italian father. I was a professional opera singer for a long time and I sang all over the world, working with international celebrities and in the most important theaters...

Then everything changed... I decided to raise my daughter, abandoning that whirlwind of a world that called for total commitment. I separated and met the man who would become my husband and moved to Tuscany, Greve in Chianti, where I opened a small boutique for children. I was looking for a lost simplicity, but also my personal creativity.

The world of cake design entered my life completely by chance. Almost as a joke, I did a mini course in London to learn how to make and decorate cupcakes! After a few years, what started as a hobby has become much, much more. I now have the honour of working with the most famous wedding planners, with the most renowned catering companies... And I'm still not quite sure how it happened! I still think about the days when, in 2015, I just made an occasional birthday cake.

The center of the party

When I sang, I was the diva. Now the spotlights does not touch me. I find it beautiful.....Cake Design is art behind the scenes, something that it is created without being on centre stage.
In this work the greatest joy is to find your own personal style. David Gilmour's guitar, Picasso's brush, are unique because you recognize them among a thousand. My little satisfaction is to have found my language: if you see my cakes, you recognize them!

The reason? To be a small but fundamnetal part of the most important day of someone's life. In time to come these couples will look at their wedding photos, and my cake will be there to remind them of that wonderful moment.

Becoming a Cake Designer

Behind every success story there is a great deal of hard work and dedication. A complicated path, made up of failures and study. Cake Design is a very precise discipline: my tiered cakes have nothing to do with improvisation.

One of the things you discover about these wonderfully decorated cakes we see at weddings is that they are often not so good to eat. Too often what we see is all appearance. One of my goals has always been, since the very beginning, to make sure that the flavor is just as fulfilling and breathtaking as the visual impact. What is my secret? The excellent quality of the ingredients... and of course the love and passion for what I do.

Sometimes roads cross unexpectedly. After some time of making cakes I started getting calls. They were important names, famous wedding planners. At first I didn't believe it, it didn't seem possible. I am hypercritical in character: I always thought I hadn't done enough. It was the recognition of the outside world that made me understand that I was on the right path to give me courage to let me continue my sweet journey... "I can say I'm self-taught: I learned by reading books, and following tutorials, nothing more"