The Other Delights

Cupcakes, biscuits and cookies, macarons...all delightful attractions to make your wedding day even more special! You can use them as placeholder, wedding gift or simple decoration for your tables. Sudden and unexpected sweet moments, tantalizing whims surrounding, as bridesmaids, the main attraction of the table, the bride cutting the wedding cake! You can combine them with your cake: some more magic for your wedding table!


The cupcake, also called "fairy cake" is a mini cake baked in a ceramic baking cup, or in a mold of baking paper like the ones used for the preparation of muffins. These little delights can be transformed into mini "works of art" when covered and decorated with sugarpaste or can be delicious treats when decorated with a simple swirl of buttercream. They can be baked in a wide range of different flavours. Cupcakes are becoming important "guests" at exclusive parties, being a treat for both the eye and the palate, giving the event a touch of imagination and creativity. Cupcakes are also perfect when used as as place cards or party favors for any event.

Biscuits & Cookies

Finely hand-crafted and decorated bisuits can be enclosed in an original packaging to become beautiful placeholders or "sweet" treats for your guests. The biscuits are prepared with a few simple ingredients... what makes them special is their decoration... Delicious to eat and beautiful to see!

Macarons and favours

Macarons are small, delicious biscuits made from egg whites, sugar and almond flour, then filled with either chocolate ganache , buttercream or jams. A macaron tower can be used instead of a traditional wedding cake, or as exquisite center pieces to add to the beauty of your table setting. Macarons are also delicious treats on a desert table as well as being popular when wrapped exclusively and given as favors to your guests at weddings or parties. The beauty of the macaron is that they can be matched to the colour scheme of your event.. delicious and gorgeous!